Friday, 7 September 2012

Shellac by any other name is.....

Not Shellac!  This is a brand of gel polish manufactured and marketed by a nail company called CND.  CND spent billions (well maybe not but it sure seems that way) of advertising dollars to launch this product over 2 years ago.   And they've made sure to keep it top of mind ever since.
Many people call my studio and ask if I "do Shellac".  Well yes, I do.  I have almost every colour in this brand.  I've taken the course, I've gotten my certificate, I am well-versed in its' application and removal.  It is a wonderful product. 
On the other hand, I've had new clients arrive in the studio with Shellac on, only to be told it's not Shellac.  I get that quizzical look (happens every time).  "What do you mean, it's not Shellac?  That's what they said it was".  Then I'm in the position of having to explain that perhaps they got something else instead.  You see, the word "Shellac" is being tossed around because of all that marketing that CND did - everyone is using that to describe their gel polish services because it's the easy way out. 
Why should it matter?  It matters when it comes to wearability and removal.  I can remove a set of real Shellac in less than 10 minutes, with absolutely no damage to your natural nails.  If you show up with Shellac from another salon, I really don't know what they used on you and you don't really know either.  Might have been Shellac colour, with a different base and top coat.  Or not.   It takes twice as long to remove it, sometimes longer.  
So bottom line is, there are lots of other brands of gel polish out there.  Some of them are absolutely terrific.  But they are not Shellac.   And I wish that other service providers  would stop telling you it is. 
Shellac - the real deal

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