Wednesday 2 July 2014

Would YOU Give An Arm and a Leg?

Recently a series of disturbing photos crossed my Facebook page and they've prompted me to write this post and share this information.  Now that the summer is finally here, many of you are looking forward to your next pedicure.  There is nothing better than prettying up your toes with some fun summer colours, am I right?  Armed with the information I'm about to share, hopefully that's all you go home with.  

This recent (June, 2014) video from a New Zealand TV show should make you sit up and take notice.  At the very least, it should get you asking the right kinds of questions when you decide to pop in to that nail bar in your local shopping mall for a quick pedicure.  

Remember that in Durham Region, it is illegal to reuse one-use items on clients, even if they are only used on the same person.  The salon cannot reuse, nor store items on its premises.   One-use items are anything that is porous, so that includes files (other than metal files), pumice stones, toe separators.  Basically it's anything made out of paper or porous plastic.  It may say Sanitizable or Disinfectable on the item, but if it's porous, it doesn't pass the high standards of our local health unit.  

A good practice is to use disposable pedi liners in the pedicure bowls, the service provider should wear gloves, and cuticles should never be cut unless something like a hangnail is obvious (that goes for hands too). Never wear used pedicure slippers the nail bar offers you while your polish is drying.  

Credo Blade

Although the use of a Credo blade is not illegal in Durham Region, it is a dangerous weapon when put in untrained hands!  I have not been trained in its use and I do not use one.  I would hazard a guess that most nail bars have not received proper training either.  This tool can easily cut too deeply into your foot, causing bleeding, pain and if you're not lucky, a real infection.  Calluses are on your feet for a reason; they protect the soles of your feet.   Built up over years, calluses are based on the way you walk, the weight you carry and the shoes you wear.  Remove them by cutting them off, and they will grow back just as thick, if not thicker because you haven't changed the way you walk, the shoes you wear, or the weight you carry.  There are other, less invasive ways to smooth and reduce calluses.  Any properly trained nail professional will know how to do so.  

Please be assured that I follow every health requirement to the letter at Scratch My Back Nail Studio.  You will always be able to take your file home with you (please don't bring it back!) and you can always ask me about the steps I take to ensure the safety of my guests.  My studio is annually inspected by the Durham Region Board of Health.