Wednesday 1 May 2013

Brisa Lite - the Power Partner to Shellac!

Many clients have been enjoying the benefits of Shellac power polish for the past 3 years.  On like polish, wears like gel, off in minutes!   Shellac has boosted the staying power of polished nails like nothing else.  But Shellac works best on healthy natural nails. 
Some clients with naturally weak, peeling nails have not exactly enjoyed the same results as those who are blessed with naturally strong nails.  So CND has brilliantly launched Brisa Lite - the new power partner to Shellac.
Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel is a very thin layer of removable (soakable) clear gel that is applied on your natural nail under Shellac.  It adds no bulk to your nails.  What it does is provide a solution to the weak, bendy, peely nail situation by adding thin, flexible protection to perfect and smooth the surface of the natural nail.  Brisa Lite is easy on, easy off, exceptional wear! 
Best of all, there is no filing on the natural nail.  Nope - none!  No buffing allowed!  And it removes in the same way and about just as fast as Shellac does with the CND Remover Wraps and Nourishing Remover. 
Here are some before and after pictures of one of my actual clients who is wearing Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel under her Shellac power polish.  You can see for yourself how well her nails are doing after 14 days with this breakthrough combination treatment from CND.  She has been struggling for several months with her nails and we have finally found a solution that helps her continue to wear Shellac with the best results possible! 
Ring and pinky finger unwrapped after 10 minutes
 Middle finger unwrapped after 10 minutes

Index finger unwrapped and cleaned after 10 minutes
So if you are someone who has worn Shellac in the past but it just didn't work for you, now is the time to revisit it!  Shellac + Brisa Lite Smoothing gel is a service on my menu that takes an extra 2 minutes and ensures your manicure lasts the full 14 days as expected.  And for those of you who can wear Shellac with no problems, a layer of Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel can extend YOUR manicure to 3 weeks!