Tuesday 2 June 2020

Covid-19 Protocols in the Studio

In preparation for reopening, I'm scouring my industry and public health websites daily for guidance  on how Personal Services Settings are going to proceed with Covid-19 protocols and best practices in place.  I'm excited to write this post and share with you, dear reader, because it means that I'm one step closer to opening!

Here's what I do know.  It's going to be a little different going forward in the studio, but rest assured you're still going to leave with the gorgeous nails you've come to know and love!!   Here are some of the protocols that are going to be in place for awhile (hopefully not too long, but as long as it takes).    Keep in mind my business is in my home therefore I need to be very protective of my family.  

  • Masks will be required to be worn by both clients and myself.  If you arrive without one I have a limited supply of one-use disposable masks available at a cost of $5 each.  I strongly recommend you bring your own as I don't have unlimited resources of masks or funds to purchase them. 
  • A travel and health screening will be conducted at each appointment (a series of questions with yes/no answers)
  • Cell-phone use will be strictly limited to emergencies only.  Cell phones should remain in your purse or pocket and not on the nail desk.  
  • Beverages will not be allowed in the studio; bottled water is the exception. 
  • Cashless payments will be encouraged.  Cash will continue to be accepted but must be exact-change only.  Let me know if you are paying with cash before you reach into your wallet.  
  • Clients need to arrive at exactly their appointment time in order to accommodate additional sanitation and disinfection procedures that will be mandatory between clients.  If you arrive early please remain in your vehicle.
  • Appointments will be spaced further apart to allow for additional sanitation and disinfection.  This will result in fewer appointments available per day.   
  • Nail appointments will be scheduled first.  Once all clients cycle through their first nail appointment, pedicure appointments may be scheduled.  At this time, double appointments (manicures and pedicures) are not being considered due to the longer length of appointment and the requirement to wear a mask the entire time. 
  • Clients who are ill with cold or flu-like symptoms or who have traveled (as long as travel restrictions are still in place) and not self-isolated for 14 days will be asked to cancel or reschedule their appointments.  No exceptions.  There will be no penalties for late cancellations if you are unwell.  

Here are some things I'm doing in the studio and elsewhere to ensure our mutual protection and safety:  

  • Wear PPE for each appointment as per best practices/OSHA, Province of Ontario, Durham Region Health Department.  This includes such items as masks, gloves, face shields, safety glasses, and aprons which are changed and/or discarded after each appointment. 
  • Sanitize and disinfect all  high-touch surfaces, work surfaces, chairs, LED lights, washroom, doorknobs, Point of Sale equipment between clients and the end of each work day.
  • Guest client chairs will have decorative coverings removed in order to completely sanitize and disinfect between clients.
  • Powder room will be off-limits to my family, available for clients only, and high-touch surfaces will be sanitized and disinfected between clients.
  • Remove all unnecessary salon decorations, decor, magazines, and displays to reduce contact points. 
  • High-touch items such as colour swatches will be available to view only.  I will hold them for you to make a selection.
  • HEPA air filter to remove 99% of pollen, bacteria and viruses.
  • No new clients at this time.  I know and trust all of you, and I also know I can count on all of you to protect each other.
  • If I or anybody in my family is feeling unwell, or show any symptoms of Covid-19 I'll clearly be cancelling all upcoming appointments.  
  • I'll do my part to stay home, social distance, and stay healthy.  I limit my outside exposure to a trip to get groceries at Longo's (where they make everyone wear a mask) 3 times a month.    

I'll continue to update this page as new requirements are announced or I think of something else.  

Stay safe and I am so looking forward to seeing everyone soon!  

June 2020