Friday, 6 September 2013

Nail Polish - Not Just For Chipping Anymore.

Have you heard the exciting news about CND Vinylux?  This new weekly nail polish is taking the nail world by storm!   Achieve 7, that's right, SEVEN glorious days of chip-free, long lasting colour on your fingernails.
How is this possible you ask?  CND Vinylux provides week-long wear when used with the CND Vinylux Top Coat.   It dramatically improves adhesion to the natural nail, and lasts up to 4 times longer than traditional polishes.  Adhesion promoters completely eliminate the need for base coat!   The Top Coat is perfectly dry in 8.5 minutes AND with the Pro-Light technology,  it becomes more durable with exposure to ambient, natural light (as opposed to UV light - this product does not 'cure' in a lamp).  It completely removes with regular nail polish remover, so there is never any soaking. 
Want more?  As of this writing, CND Vinylux matches 47 CND Shellac Colours.  Yes my babies, this means you can have a matching shade of polish on your toes to go with your CND Shellac on your fingertips.  You can also use it to touch up the regrowth area of your CND Shellac Manicure.  Or for those of you who love the CND Shellac range of colours and have healthy natural nails, but wish to change up your mani on a more regular basis, Vinylux will satisfy that need!

CND Vinylux is available through your CND nail professional as a retail item or as part of your professional manicure or pedicure service.    There are 62 colours awaiting you, and for those of you who like your nail styles and statement nails, CND Additives work beautifully with Vinylux for many additional nail art options!
From left to right:  Forbidden Fantasy,
Lux Luv, and Your Name In Lights
I was pleased to participate in the official CND Vinylux launch for the Toronto Media at the Four Seasons Hotel on September 4th, 2013.  We showcased all 62 colours plus the 3 gorgeous 'looks' (above) and our guests were delighted. 

Please contact me to book your CND Vinylux manicure or pedicure today! 

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