Tuesday 16 October 2012

Can We Talk About Removal?

Clients ask me frequently how to remove product from their nails themselves.  I advise against this and here's why.
Many products such as gel polishes and professional liquid and powder systems (also known as "acrylic") are removed by dissolving them from the nail.  This is a perfectly harmless procedure when done properly, by a professional.  Other products such as hard gel enhancement products need to be filed off the nails.  They aren't porous, so they will never soak off.
Most people don't have the patience it takes to plop their hands in a bowl of acetone or product remover and just. sit. there. and. let. the. product. do. the. work. !!  Most people will pick and pry the product off their nails long before it completely dissolves.  It's human nature, and I get that.  But what that ends up doing is wrecking your nails. 

And that's when I hear the stories.

"Fake nails wrecked my nails".

"My nails were ruined !!!"

"It took me MONTHS to get them back to normal".
So if you're getting your nails enhanced with either liquid & powder, or gel enhancements, please make an appointment to have them safely and professionally removed by your nail technician.  Most professional nail techs will be more than happy to make this appointment for you because it means you know and understand that you've entrusted them to take care of YOUR nails.  The same goes for gel polish.  Do not pick or peel it off your nails. 

Pictures are always worth a thousand words so take a look at the before and after pictures of one of my clients' Shellac manicure.  Regardless of whether we're removing Shellac, another gel polish, traditional hard gel or liquid & powder, I take great care to ensure their nails leave looking just like this after we remove the product.   And you should expect these results too, from your salon professional. 


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